Man-animal conflict: 224 people die, 3000 injured since 2006 in Valley

Rs 10 crore given as compensation to deceased, injured

Srinagar, Jul 17: Owing to the human errors, the man-animal conflict has seen a steep rise with more cases being reported from across the valley with each passing day.

As per the official data, from 2006 till March 2021, 224 persons have died and 2,829 persons have been injured in man-animal conflict.

Officials believe that the reasons behind the rise in the incident of the conflict are increase in the human population, habitation degradation, rise in stray dogs and LoC fencing.

According to the data, in 2006-07,18 persons have died and 134 persons have been injured in human-animal conflict in Kashmir Valley. In 2007-08, 15 persons lost their lives and 181 were injured. In 2008-09, 22 persons died and 251 persons were injured. In 2009-10, 21 persons died and 303 were injured and in 2010-10, 27 persons lost their lives and 407 were injured in human-animal conflict.

Similarly, in 2011-12, at least 32 people were killed and 485 were injured, the following year (2012-13) recorded 14 deaths and 3024 injuries while in 2013-14, 30 deaths and 437 injuries were reported.

In 2014-15, 14 deaths and 225 injuries were reported. 11 deaths and 244 injuries were reported in 2015-16. 09 deaths, 136 injuries were reported in 2016-17. 09 deaths, 162 injuries were reported in 2017-18.

The year 2018-19 witnessed 07 deaths and 101 injuries while figures grew to 13 deaths and 138 injuries in 2019-20. As many as 12 people were killed while 146 injuries were reported in the conflict in the year 2020-21 upto March 2021.

Two minor girls, one each from Budgam and Genderbal were mauled to death by a leopard recently.

Pertinently, the department provides Rs 3,00,000 compensation in case of death or permanent incapacitation of a body part in such conflicts. Rs 1,00,000 is provided as compensation in cases of serious injuries and Rs 15,000 in case of minor injuries.

Since 2006, the department has provided around Rs 10 crore as compensation to the affected people and their kin.

As per data available, of 224 deaths, 213 have been settled and among them more than Rs 3.18 crore have been given as compensation while as of 2,829 injured cases, 2709 have been settled and a compensation of Rs 6.36 crore has been distributed among the families of victims.

Officials said that the department is well equipped and has adequate cages, tranquiliser guns, trap poles, vehicles, mobiles and net guns.

They said that around 42 control rooms have been already set up to attend distress calls and capture the animals at an earliest without causing any damage to humans. kno

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