Indian flying fox captured by Wildlife deptt in Kulgam

Kulgam, Dec 14: A rare mammal, the Indian flying fox (Pteropus medius, also known as the greater Indian fruit bat) was captured by the wildlife department in a village in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district on Monday afternoon.

Pertinently, Indian flying fox is a species of mega bat found in the Indian subcontinent

Sources said that the Indian large flying fox was captured by Wildlife control room Devsar in Sangas Karwat village of Kulgam on Monday.

A large number of people rushed to the spot and clicked pictures of the mammal.

Wildlife Warden, South Division, Abdul Rouf Zargar said that they would release the mammal into the orchard after a medical checkup because it was in an injured condition (head injury), adding that it forays into villages to eat fruits.

Wildlife Warden, Wetlands, Ifshan Dewan said “We have to dispel myths associated with large flying fox (bats), like they being considered ‘ill omens,’. Bats are also territorial in nature, and so do not like their space being invaded,” she said, adding that it is nocturnal and eat mainly fruits—(KNO)

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