Bukhari being the ‘Team B of BJP, RSS,’ has no locus standi to talk on Kashmir: NC

Srinagar, 12 November: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday said that Apni Party President Altaf Bukhari, after failing to grab attention with his previous gimmickry, has now resorted to use the name of J&K’s mightiest leader in an attempt to be heard.

In a statement, Party General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said the assertions of Bukhari are reflective of his abject failure to normalize the biggest blunder committed on the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh following unilateral and unconstitutional abrogation of Articles 370, 35A.

“His comments on Sher-e-Kashmir exude frustration in view of the increasing people’s support and universal acceptance for Dr. Farooq Abdullah led People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration. Seeing the political space around him choke Bukhari is now resorting to unqualified rants and mudslinging by concocting historical facts,” Sagar said.

Sagar said Bukhari being the Team B of BJP, RSS tried to normalize the blunder committed by the ruling dispensation at New Delhi by saying that people of J&K should look beyond the Articles 370, 35-A.

“The same person many times vowed to protect the legitimate interests of people of J&K but has miserably failed to live up to his claims. He has been saying that he fights for the rights of people of J&K but so far we haven’t seen him put-up any fight. Contrarily he has flagrantly kept mute all through. We didn’t see him put up a fight when land laws, and other laws low on democratic bearings were supplanted on people of J&K, and Ladakh without their democratic consent,” he said.

“What fight is he alluding to? We are at our wits end to comprehend it! The only thing he has been religiously doing is to aid the anti J&K political project of BJP and RSS. Despite all the help from administration, BJP, and RSS, his party has failed to garner the support of people,” he added.

All he is trying to do is being a pliant and servile political operative of BJP, and RSS, Sagar said while questioning Bukhari of not challenging the measures taken on 5th of August last year. “His mask has fallen down, people know him inside out. His recent sordid comments against NC and its leadership reflect his panic on account of the support, people of J&K, Ladakh are giving to PAGD,” he said.

“Participation in DDC polls was unanimously decided by all the signatories of PAGD to not allow BJP and its team B like Apni Party to occupy the sacred space of democracy here,” he said.

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