Border stand-off between India and China, “very nasty”: US president Trump

New Delhi, September 04: The border stand-off between India and China has been “very nasty” and “they (China) are certainly going at it”, United States President Donald Trump told reporters at a White House press briefing on Friday, NDTV news reported.

Mr Trump said he had raised this issue with both India and China, and the US was ready to help.

“While we’re at it, we’re talking about China and India, (they) are going at it pretty good on the border, as you know. It has been very nasty, ” Mr Trump said, adding, “And we stand ready to help, with respect to China and India”.

“If we can do anything, we would love to get involved and help. And we are talking to both countries about that,” he also said as quoted by NDTV.

The US President’s comments come amid renewed tension between India and China over what the government called new attempts by Beijing to change the status quo in certain areas in eastern Ladakh, the report said

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh met his Chinese counterpart in Moscow late Friday on the sidelines of a three-day summit, in the first high-level contact of its kind since the border stand-off erupted in May, the NDTV report added.

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