US presidential candidate Biden says he will undo ‘Muslim ban’ on first day in office

Washington, July 22: Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has said that he would overturn President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban on his first day in office and partner with Muslims to undo the social harms caused by such measures, Dawn news reported

In a speech to Engage Action, an advocacy group for Muslim Americans, on Monday afternoon, the former vice president also said that Muslims were the first to suffer attacks under the Trump administration, the report added.

“Donald Trump has fanned the flames of hate in this country across the board through his words, his policies, his appointments and his deeds,” he said. “I will undo the Muslim ban on day one.”

During his first month in office in January 2017, President Trump restricted travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, the report stated

The restrictions were altered during a series of court challenges and some non-Muslim countries, such as North Korea and Venezuela, were also added to the list. The order was eventually upheld by the US Supreme Court.

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