JK IPS officer Basant Rath suspended for “misconduct,” “misbehaviour”

Srinagar, July 8: Jammu and Kashmir IPS officer Basant Rath has been suspended for alleged instances of ‘gross misconduct and misbehaviour’.

“Jammu and Kashmir IPS officer Basant Rath suspended for alleged instances of gross misconduct and misbehaviour,” the Home Ministry order reads.

The order reads:

“Whereas, a disciplinary proceeding against Shri Basant Rath (IPS: RR: 2000. JK) is contemplated in connection with repeated instances of gross misconduct and misbehavior, which have been brought to the notice of the Government,” said an order issued by union Home Ministry on Wednesday.

“Now, therefore, the Competent Authority in the Ministry of Home Affairs, in exercise of powers conferred by clause (a) of sub-rule (i) of Rule 3 of the All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969, hereby places, the said She Basant Rath, (IPS: RR: 2000, JK), under suspension with immediate effect,” the order said.

“It is further ordered that during the period that this order shall remain in force, the Headquarters of Shri Basant Rath (IPS: RR: 2000, JK), shall be Jamrnu, Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the said Basant Rath (IPS: RR: 2000, JK) shall not leave the said Headquarters without obtaining the permission of DGP, Jammu and Kashmir Police. During the period that this order shall remain in force the said Shri Basant Rath (IPS: RR: 2000.JK) shall be paid such subsistence allowance and dearness allowance as is admissible under Rule 4 (1) of the All India Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1969, on production of a certificate that he is not engaged in any other employment, business, profession or vocation,” the order further added.

IPS officer Basant Rath had recently written a letter in which he has reportedly expressed apprehension about his safety due to “certain activities” of the Jammu and Kashmir Police chief.

The letter had gone viral on the social media, triggering a controversy.

Rath, a 2000 batch IPS officer, filed a written complaint against Director General of Police Dilbag Singh in the Gandhi Nagar Police Station weeks after he was poked by a fake twitter handle using “Dilbag Singh” namesake.

“I am writing to you to take note of my genuine apprehensions about my safety and reputation. I am doing it as a private citizen of this country. Not as a civil servant. Not as a police officer. I am not asking you to lodge an FIR against the person mentioned above (DGP Dilbag Singh). I am just asking you to make this letter a part of the daily dairy in your station. Today. Now. In case something bad happens to me, you should know whose number you should dial. With due respect,” Rath wrote to Station House Officer of Gandhi Nagar Police Station.

“I expect you to acknowledge this letter. You can send me a screenshot of my WhatsApp. Or you can send me a DM on Twitter. I am @KangriCarrier. It is a reasonably popular twitter handle in J&K, and Ladakh,” Rath said in the complaint.

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