Students of Kashmir University protest against ‘war hysteria’

Srinagar: Scores of students of Kashmir University on Saturday assembled outside the humanities block of the varsity and held a protest demonstration against the “war hysteria” created by the state government for the last couple of days in Kashmir Valley.

Reports said that hundreds of students of various faculties and departments carrying banners, ‘we the students stand by our nation’, ‘will fight any Indian sinister design’, ‘we resist we exist’, ‘we want freedom’ etc assembled outside the  humanities block and pledged that any “nefarious design” by the state which is against the interests of people of J&K will be opposed tooth and nail.

A protesting student said, “any move by the Indian state which will affect the disputed nature and historical background of J&K is intolerable.”

He said: “We scholars and students of the Kashmir valley will be at the front to fight such evil designs until the right to self-determination will be given to the people of J&K.”

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