Geelani expresses concern over plight of Chinese muslims

Srinagar: Octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday expressed concern over the plight of Chinese Muslims in Uighur China.

In a statement, Geelani said that Muslim Ummah is fragmented in the name of sects, sub-sects and geographical boundaries, making themselves an easy prey and a testing species for the deadly weaponry and artilleries of the anti-Muslim forces.

He said although international media is almost silent about what is happening to Uighur community of China, but whatever little information, trickles down through social media and a few media houses, is not only disturbing but alarming as well. “Thousands of Muslim have been imprisoned and made captive for years together in large camps and godowns. They are deprived of any humanly treatment. They are not allowed to meet their family members. Their families even don’t know why and where their loved ones are detained. Their beard is shaved off and women are not allowed Hijabs.”

Syed Ali Geelani

Geelani said that recent reports of ill-treatment of Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan are heart-wrenching. “Muslims are forced to eat and drink during the day time at their workplaces. They are compelled to keep their hotels and eateries open despite their resistance. They are not allowed to perform their religious obligations like Salah and Fasts.”

Hurriyat chairman said this is the worst form of majoritarian oppression and religious hatred, which is enough to send shock waves down the spine of every conscious human.

He said that Muslims are forced to migrate from their own homeland, under a well-planned conspiracy. “Conducive atmosphere is created by the jingoistic media and fascist forces to legalize and legitimize their exit.”

Geelani said that Kashmiris too are victims of “forced occupation by ruthless India” and the sufferers of the pain of suppression and majortarian highhandedness. “Anybody with slightest inclination towards practicing his faith or even the thoughts of resolution of his denied basic and fundamental rights, is subjugated to hate, sarcasm, physical torture and economic curtailments this is the reason we raise our voice in favour and support of any individual or nation, anywhere in the globe, caged and chained in the oppressive whirpool, knowing fully that our feeble voice will hardly find any response and will be echoed back, but still think it our moral responsibility to at least protest.”

Geelani appealed the world bodies especially United Nation and OIC to take these disturbing reports from Uighur China very seriously and rescue this helpless minority of Muslims.

He appealed organizers of OIC Summit of which is going on in KSA, to put a stop on this state-sponsored religious hatred. “Mere declarations and statements can hardly be sufficient to hold back the cruel and iron hands of oppressor and if these world bodies fail to uphold their commitment, these seminars and conferences and their tall claims of justice are nothing but hoax.”

Pro-freedom leader appealed government, its opposition and people of Pakistan to use its good offices of the “Pak-China friendship” to help their brethren out of this suffocating situation, otherwise every Muslim community will be wiped, but of their land and Ummah will be lost in the sects and sub-sects with alarmingly increasing infighting amongst themselves.

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