BJP-RSS & its cronies trying level best to destroy special status: Omar Abdullah

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah said that the BJP-RSS and its cronies in the state are trying their level best to destroy the special status of our state.

Addressing an election campaign rally at Pattan, Omar said: “Our state is facing onslaught on its special status and integrity. We are continuously seeing unremitting attacks on the identity and integrity of our state. The agenda of BJP is clear now from the sordid statements of BJP party president Amit Shah and Finance minister Arjun Jaitely, who have forcefully undertaken to remove Art 35-A.”

“Moreover the speech which I made the other day, where I had asked for the restoration of the Post of Sadar-e-Riyasat and Wazir Azam for the state as provided by the original scheme of Accession, was disliked by the PM Modi. But I didn’t ask anything new. PM Modi should pore over history books and see under what conditions the accession was carried out. He should study how the constitution of India conferred upon the state certain allowances in terms of having its own flag and constitution. The state had its own Prime Minister and president until 1965. We aren’t saying anything new we are asking for what was infringed upon.”

Omar Abdullah said that ours coveted demand of restoring autonomy was attested to by the country’s senior leader and former prime minister P V Narsima Rao on the floor of Parliament wherein he had emphatically affirmed to grant Autonomy to the state.

“Former PM Narsimha Rao whom PM Modi is all praise for, had assured us on the restoration of autonomy. It was on the floor of the house in parliament that he vowed to give state ‘Anything under Sky and short of independence’. Didn’t Atal Bihari Vajpayee also sought to find solution to Kashmir problem within the ambit of Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jamhoriyat? I said what many of our national leaders have been saying; I didn’t say any thing new. I am not going to alter my stance.”

Omar said that he will not allow the forces as are inimical to state’s integrity and unique status to succeed in their nefarious designs to destroy the special status of the state.

“We will fight for our rights in parliament and even if we have to hit roads we won’t budge from that also. On one hand it is expected of us not to raise question on accession of the state with the union of India but on the other hand people are raising questions on the very fundamentals guiding the accession.”

Omar Abdullah reiterated that if the party comes to power with a strong mandate SRO-202 and PSA will go.

Party provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani also addressed people on the occasion and impressed upon people to send Dr. Farooq Abdullah to parliament with a resounding victory margin. Among others party candidate Mohammad Akbar Lone and party Reyaz Bedar also addressed the gathering.


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