Shocking: SMHS doctors force patients to get medical tests done from SRL-Ranbaxy Lab

SRL Ranbaxy says they are doing humanitarian work

Srinagar: In a shocking revelation, it has come to fore that doctors at SMHS hospital were forcing patients to get medical tests done from private SRL-Ranbaxy laboratory, located in the vicinity of  health facility.

Even as SMHS officials at the helm deny having any knowledge of the illegal work being done under their very nose, the SRL-Ranbaxy maintains it was working within the hospital and was just doing a “humanitarian work”.

The patients, on the other hand, contest SRL-Ranbaxy claims of humanitarian work. They said the lab was charging hefty sums, adding, they believe that doctors get their share of the pie as monetary commissions for asking the lab to conduct medical tests which otherwise could be done within the hospital.

The incident surfaced forcefully after the mother of Firdous Ahmad, a resident of Zainakadal, was hospitalized in the ward number of 05 of SMHS hospital, Srinagar.

“She had health issues in her chest,” Ahmad said.

“Her MRD number was 167697 and she was given bed number 15 in the hospital ward”.

During the treatment, the lady patient underwent several medical examinations.

“On March 26, the doctors asked me to get her Ace, Mantoux (TB) test conducted from the hospital laboratory,” Ahmad said

“The nurse filled the medical form and asked me to conduct the ACE test from Block F of the hospital. She told me that laboratory people will give me vial which was to be handed over to her to get the samples. The Mantoux test has to be conducted from outside hospital which cost around 150 rupees”.

Nurse issues medical slip to conduct medical test

After some time, suddenly, Ahmad, found an unknown man standing besides the bed of his mother.

“He conducted Mantoux test by inserting a dose on her arm. He asked me to wait for 24 hours to monitor the body reaction,” he said.

“Afterwards, the unknown man told me to come with him. He took me outside the hospital premises to SRL-Ranbaxy diagnostic lab. He gave me vial for getting Ace test done. Before that he asked me to deposit 1300 rupees. He told me lab was giving 10 percent concession”.

“It left me confused. I told him who are you? And why you took samples to conduct test of my mother? Why you took me outside the hospital? In reply, he told me that the hospital doctor, Mahapara, called him to get the medical samples. And that his was a private SRL-Ranbaxy lab. I told him the doctors did not tell us anything like that. I asked him that I will inquire first before depositing money. I left it there”.

Instead of conducting tests in the hospital, SRL Ranbaxy private lab does the tests after being asked by the SMHS doctors

After the incident, The Kashmir Press reached the man who took gave does to Ahmad’s Mother for Mantoux and was planning to take Ace samples.

He turned out to be a senior official of SRL-Ranbaxy, Muneer Ahmad.

“I have nothing to say about the incident. All I can say that I should be forgiven if anything wrong has happen,” Muneer said

“Dr Mahapara called me to take the samples and conduct the tests”.

When contacted Mahapara, a PG doctor at SMHS, she said that by asking a private lab to collect samples and conduct medical examinations within the government run hospital was not against the protocols.

The unit head of Ward number 05, Dr Rakesh Koul denied that he had any information of any such thing happening within the hospital.

Medical Superintendent, SMHS hospital, Dr Nazir  said that he had no idea that a private lab officials were operating within the health facility in league with the hospital doctors.

“It is against the protocol of hospital. Nobody from outside can come into the hospital in any circumstances to make medical tests within hospital”.

SRL-Ranbaxy franchise, whose men conducted the medical tests on the lady, Inayat Ahmad, said they were doing “humanitarian work” within the hospital by providing patients on –the-go health care.

Area manager of the SRL Ranbaxy, Irfan-ul-Hassan said it was a non-issue that private laboratory was operating within the government hospital premises without any permission.

The patients, however, said they had no idea what was happening at SMHS.

“After going all through, I have come to the conclusion that the doctors within the hospital were working in league with private labs to get monetary commissions. It is all about money,” Ahmad said.

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