Seven dead in airstrike on Yemen hospital : Save the Children

Aden: A hospital in a rural area of northwest Yemen was hit by an airstrike killing seven people and wounding eight others, Save the Children said. 

The international aid organisation, which supports the hospital, said in a statement that four of those killed on Tuesday morning were children and two adults are unaccounted for.

The NGO, Save The Children said that a missile struck a petrol station near the entrance to Ritaf rural hospital, about 100 kilometres from the city of Saada, reported BBC.

“The missile was said to have landed within 50 metres of the facility’s main building,” it said.

According to the organisation, the hospital had been open for half an hour and many patients and staff were arriving on a busy morning.

Among the dead were a health worker and the worker’s two children and a security guard, it said.

A further eight people were wounded in the attack, which is believed to have been carried out by the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in the country. The coalition has almost complete control of Yemeni airspace.

Save the Children has condemned both sides in the war for their conduct, in particular highlighting the effects on hospitals.

The NGO, which says 37 children a month have been killed or injured by foreign bombs in the last year, has demanded an urgent investigation into this latest missile strike. (UNI)

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