Shocked to hear officers who supported early assembly polls are being browbeaten, threatened: Omar Abdullah

Srinagar: National Conference (NC) Vice President, Omar Abdullah has said that he was shocked to hear that how officers who have supported early assembly elections were being browbeaten  and threatened by using their performance appraisals against them to get them to toe the line.

“No honest officer should fear these threats. We must put the greater good ahead of our personal preferences & benefits. Those people making the threats will not remain in the state for very long,” Abdullah wrote on Twitter.

The former chief minister said that one day people  will talk about the cabal of officers in J&K who for their own selfish reasons had taken it upon themselves to scuttle “democracy in the state”.

Abdullah wrote they are doing it since:

“Some have no stakes in the state & some are looking at post retirement postings in cushy appointments. What ever their reasons they have chosen to put their personal interest ahead of the greater good.”

The party has earlier alleged that some officers in Kashmir along with a couple of political parties were responsible for the delay in assembly polls in the state.

NC has demanded early assembly polls in Kashmir. When the election commision of India decided to conduct the polls separately, the party termed it as a surrender by Prime Minister Narendra Modi before militants and Pakistan.’

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