India does not want further escalation: FS tells foreign ambassadors, P-5 countries

New Delhi: Post India’s air strike in Balakote Pakistan, foreign envoys have been informed by the GOI that do not want to see any further “escalation”.

The Wire reported that immediately after the media appearance of foreign secretary about the the air strike, Vijay Gokhale rushed to South Block. 

He held briefing with foreign ambassadors, including for P-5 countries. 

The Wire quoted sources saying that senior Indian diplomats largely recapped the foreign secretary’s public statement that this was a responsible Indian step taken only after Pakistan repeatedly denied and refused to take action against Jaish-e-Mohammed.

“Clarification was sought from the Indian side on the meaning of the term “non-military pre-emptive action”. India explained that it was meant to distinguish that the targets were not military installations.”

“It was non-military, as non-military targets were bombed, we were told,” said a diplomatic source told the The Wire. 

According to the report there was also a question on the exact location of Balakot, but the answer led to further confusion, it is learnt.

“On another question, a senior Indian diplomat confirmed to the foreign envoys that contrary to media reports, only one target was struck,” report reads. 

“We were also told that India doesn’t want to see any escalation… Also, there was a general call that the international community should take action against Pakistan,” said another diplomatic source, according to report.

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