Following flights cancelled at Srinagar airport due to fresh snowfall

Srinagar: Fresh snowfall in Kashmir Wednesday disrupted air traffic while the weathermen forecast inclement weather for 48 hours till Friday.

Officials at the Srinagar Airport said that the snowfall has led to low visibility and as such several flights have been cancelled or are delayed.

The flights which have been cancelled include: G8198/129 del Sxr del; G8 213 ixj Sxr ixj; G8 697 del Sxr del: G8 912 Sxr ixc; 6E 2554 Sxr del; 6E 576 Sxr LKO; 6E 653 Sxr ixj; SG 160/161 ixj Sxr ixj; SG 104/939 DEL SXR DEL; UK 611 SXR IXJ; I5 716 SXR DEL; I5 713 SXR DEL

They said that the persistent snowfall may lead to further disruption of air traffic at the airport today. “The visibility at the airport is only 800 metres.”

Snowfall started in Kashmir valley Wednesday morning. While it has been snowing in valley, parts of Jammu have received heavy overnight rains.

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