Facing challenge from modern Pakistani Snipers, Indian army goes for emergency purchase of hi-tech sniper guns for troops posted on LOC

Srinagar: The Indian army deployed along the Line of Control (LOC) is set to get new sniper rifles, including an anti-material rifle that can go through concrete and metal objects, such as vehicles, The Print reported on Friday.

The procurement process is expected to be completed this month.

“The guns being given to the soldiers are the .338 Lapua Magnum Scorpio TGT by Beretta, and the .50 Calibre M95 by Barrett. These snipers will replace the ageing Russian Dragunov, the mainstay of Indian soldiers,” the news outlet reported.

The new rifles were being procured for the formations at the LoC felt since the need to go in for superior sniper rifles as the dynamic in the region has changed.

The Pakistan Army has resorted to sniping in a big way to hit at soldiers guarding the LoC.

Many times, soldiers have been hit even in their own posts, besides being targeted when they are out patrolling, the Print reported

The Times of India reported that the need was felt to acquire new snipers since Pakistani soldiers have modern, long range snipers with better training.

It reported that the procuring of modern snipers was urgent as they had limited kill range of 800 meteres.

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