SMC should issue a White-Paper on illegal constructions: SoZ

Srinagar: Prof. Saifudidin Soz, Former Union Minister Monday said that Srinagar Municipal Corporation has never ever made ‘demolitions of illegal constructions’ in Srinagar, through a comprehensive drive with an invitation to the public for support.

He said these demolitions are made every year and these have always been haphazardly done, constituting an ‘Eye Wash’! “Who doesn’t know, what had been happening between, for instance, the Ward Officers and the ‘Unruly Long Hands’!”

“It is in public interest that I am now attempting to invite the attention of the Authority/s to mark a departure from ‘Adhoc Measures’ and adopt a ‘well-thought-out’ comprehensive policy on the proposed demolitions!”

“The best method would be to publish a “White Paper” on the illegal constructions that took place in the past and the ones that are in the process!”

“The Adhoc approach for demolitions must stop and a Sound Legal Frame Work on action against illegal constructions must be issued by the Corporation!”

“I wonder what kind of a Master Plan for Srinagar is envisaged when unruly and disruptive elements in society continue to indulge in violation of the rules with the connivance of the junior and the senior officers of the Corporation,” he said.

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