Handmade ‘Roshni’ candles by Kot Balwal Jail inmates attract buyers on Diwali

Jammu: They might be living in the darkness behind the closed walls but are lighting thousands of houses with their skills and creativity.

Inmates of Kot Bhalwal Jail, located here on city outskirts, are these days busy in manufacturing colourful candles on the festival of Diwali, which are on high demand in the market because of their quality, colours and cheap rates.

‘Roshni’ candles project started in the year 2000 from District Jail Ambphalla, gradually was introduced in most of the prisons across the state.

Moreover, Central Jail Kot Bhalwal, being one of the biggest jails in the state, has large number of inmates and they have been engaged in various activities including of manufacturing candles.

“We are manufacturing candles under ‘Roshni’ scheme since 2000 and it was one of the most successful items on sale being made inside jails,” Rajni Sehgal, Superintendent Jail, Kot Bhalwal here told UNI.

She said that apart from routine colourful candles, this Diwali, floating and aroma candles are the highlights and they are being appreciated and loved by the buyers.

“We have enough stock of aroma and floating candles but in view of growing demand in the market, inmates are busy manufacturing more,” she asserted.

The jailer said that besides candles, handicrafts and earthen lamps designed and handmade by the prisoners are also being sold outside at special stalls.

“By remaining engaged into such activities, the inmates are not only getting stressed free but are also earning a portion out of the total income generated for their families, which can help them in starting a new life after their release,” she asserted.

The SP however, added that around nine stalls have been put up in different locations in Jammu city including one outside the jail premises so that the products is easily available to the customers.

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