Water-logging, massive power shutdown taking toll on life: KEA

Water-logging, massive power shutdown taking toll on life: KEA

Srinagar: Expressing concern over ‘poorest-ever civic amenities’ being given to the people in Kashmir, Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) chairman Haji Muhammad Yasin Khan said valley in general and summer capital of Srinagar are reeling under administrative chaos.

Mr Khan in a statement on Sunday said while the government enjoys life in warmth of Jammu, snow-bound Kashmir has been left to fend for itself as administration is failing to provide even the basic amenities.

He said the Power Development Department (PDD) has taken the entire Kashmir ‘hostage’ as poor power has made lives of people miserable. While the snow clearance was never done properly even in the city, the plight of people elsewhere can only be imagined.

Mr Khan said, although a heavy snowfall is not something new to the state given its climatic conditions and topography, the administration seems resisting change in its rusty work culture.

He said after snowfall, water-logging has emerged as the new crises in the Valley. “Even the commercial hub of Lal Chowk, Regal chowk and adjoining areas are flooded as a result of which business has come to a grinding in marketplaces in towns or elsewhere, which are worst hit,” Mr Khan said.

The KEA said as if this all was not enough, traffic jams have a proved to be the last nail in the coffin of the administrative inability. “Traffic mess has festered and people remain stranded for hours yesterday,” Mr Khan says.

He alleged that the “systematic collapse of the administration seems to be part of some game plan to keep the people of Kashmir in pain.” “There’s no administration but only a systematic and well-defined arrangement of revenge with the already victimised people of Kashmir while business fraternity is facing the brunt”, he further alleged.


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