Forces employing ‘repressive tactics’ to force residents to migrate, says Jama’at

Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir on Friday said that the government forces were employing repressive tactics to compel the civilian population to migrate from their respective villages.

“In Trechal Pulwama, the Indian forces personnel crossed all limits of barbarity when they attacked the inhabitants of the village and ruthlessly beat everyone who came in their way with sticks and gun barrels and broke the window panes of all vehicles standing on the roads and streets,” Jama’at spokesperson said in a statement.

Then, the statement said, they entered the residential houses and caused irreparable damage to the household goods and property including the doors and windows. “During this brutality more than a dozen innocent persons were seriously injured who were referred to different hospitals for treatment. There was a hue and cry all over the village but these ruthless personnel remained unaffected.”

The spokesperson said that similar “atrocities” were committed by the forces in a Mohalla in Newa village near Pulwama and the residents left the mohalla with their baggage and migrated enmasse to some other places.

“Jama’a-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while expressing deep concern over this state sponsored terrorism, appeals the international and local human rights bodies to come forward and take effective measures to get these violations stopped without any delay and get these grievances reassessed,” the statement concluded.

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