Reconsider decision of shifting prisoners from Valley: Targami to Govt

Srinagar: Communist Party of India (M) senior leader MY Targami on Tuesday said the Government should reconsider its decision of shifting prisoners from valley jails to outside state jails as it causes lot of hardships and inconvenience to their families.

There are reports that dozens of detainees are being shifted to outside jails, Mr Targami said in a statement here in the afternoon.

There are instances where persons have been detained multiple times under the Public Safety Act even after courts released them.

”We had brought a bill in the Assembly to amend the PSA and remove harsher clauses in it. But unfortunately, then government didn’t allow it to happen, he said.

There are complaints that indiscriminate harassment of people is happening in various areas of the Valley and especially south Kashmir. Trust cannot be built by using of indiscriminate use of force and draconian laws against people, arresting innumerable youth and suppressing the voices of dissent. We reject the repression and want peace to prevail in valley and not the silence of graveyard.

Such acts taken in haste are bound to increase alienation among Kashmiris especially that of its younger generation and leadership of the country must revisit its Kashmir policy and the focus must be reduction in alienation among people. There is already considerable trust deficit between the state and rest of the country, which we hope would be realized by all shades of opinion in the country to apply a course correction in its approach to Jammu and Kashmir.

Political leadership needs to have a political approach to solve the long pending political problem of the state. Security-oriented approach overtaking the political outreach, will end up being a loss for the people of Kashmir only. 

The current unrest in Kashmiris the result of deep and massive alienation caused by long history of broken commitments, repression, socio-economic woes and denial of justice to the people which has resulted in hopelessness, despondency and loss of confidence in the political leadership, the Targami said.

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