School children must be sensitised about 2016 surgical strike against Pak: Modi

School children must be sensitised about 2016 surgical strike against Pak: Modi


New Delhi: Lauding the role of Indian forces for the September 29, 2016 surgical strike against Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said school children should be sensitised about the good works of Indian Army.

“BJP workers should organise special programmes to pay tributes to martyred armed personnel. There can be an half-an-hour meeting in schools wherein school students be sensitised about the surgical strike,” the Prime Minister said interacting through NamoApp with BJP workers in Arunachal West, Ghaziabad, Hazaribagh, Jaipur Rural and Nawada Parliamentary constituencies.

“The kind of good works done by our armed forces makes every Indian feel proud. September 29 (2016) has emerged as an important day in country’s history,” Mr Modi said, adding that the day rightly displays the military skills of our forces.

“It was an overnight operation and none could know about it….It was truly a matter of pride,” he said.

However, on the occasion he also criticised the opposition parties including the Congress and said in the name of ‘opposing Modi’, these parties have often indulged in acts that undermined the prestige of Indian Army.

Making a reference to Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit’s comment against Army chief, he also sought to make a veiled attack against Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

“We have such leaders who do not have faith in what Indian government says, but they would easily believe a foreigner,” Prime Minister said.

Therefore, he said, at a time when efforts are made to demoralise the sentiment of armed forces, the onus is on the BJP workers to pay respect to them and show them their rightful dignity.


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