‘Cycle of violence’, killings in Kashmir have come down: SP Vaid

Srinagar: Former Director General of Police Jammu and Kashmir SP Vaid who was shunted out late on Thursday has said that he will “miss the uniform” that gave him a sense of pride and satisfaction.

“I will miss the uniform. There is a sense of pride and satisfaction in uniform. It will be a great miss in rest of the service,” Vaid told NDTV on Friday.

The former top cop said he “wanted to end the cycle of violence and killings in Kashmir adding that though it has “come down, it hasn’t ended completely.”

The former police chief refused to comment on who authorized action against the families of militants, including burning their homes, that led to the kidnapping of family members of policemen as a retaliatory move by the militants.

The report said that New Delhi has blamed Vaid for the kidnapping fiasco, in which a militant’s father was freed in exchange for the kidnapped family members of policemen last week.

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