Pompeo pushes for greater India-US role in promoting peace in Indo Pacific region

Pompeo pushes for greater India-US role in promoting peace in Indo Pacific region

New Delhi,:  As Prime Minister Narendra Modi describes the inaugural ‘2 Plus 2 Indo US Dialogue’ as “very productive”, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has underlined the need for ‘reinforcing’ the shared interest by both countries to promote peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

“Before leaving India I met with PM Narendra Modi to reinforce our shared interest in promoting peace and prosperity across the Indo Pacific region,” Mr Pompeo said in a tweet.

In his Twitter missives, Prime Minister Modi congratulated Secretary Pompeo, US Secretary of Defence James Mattis, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for “a very productive first ever India US 2+2 dialogue”.

“I am sure this dialogue will further deepen India-US relations,” he wrote.

Mr Modi also wrote: “Had a wonderful meeting with the Secretaries of State and Defence of US and discussed outcomes of 2+2 dialogue, bilateral strategic and security related issues”.

The US dignitaries had on Thursday called on Prime Minister Modi after the delegation level and bilateral talks on wide range of issues between two sides.

Mr Pompeo on Thursday said both sides discussed about how “we can cooperate for a free and open Indo Pacific”.

He said both India and the US actually have a “responsibility” to promote a free and open Indo Pacific and the values both the nations value – like “the rule of law and national sovereignty”.

The Indo Pacific reference in as many words and more do reflect America’s anxious moments vis-a-vis China’s influence in the Indo Pacific region.

Mr Pompeo also mentioned about the need to promote good governance, the protection of fundamental freedoms, rights and liberties, free air and reciprocal trade relationship and peaceful resolution to territorial and maritime disputes.

“We know our people’s ability to exercise their economic and personal freedom is based on strong, stable and secured environment,” he has said.


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