We are not Pakistanis, we want to live with Hindustanis with love: Dr Farooq

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference president has said that people with vested interests in India and Pakistan do not want peace in Kashmir for their own survival.

Speaking at an event in New Delhi, the senior Abdullah said that, “you will find more love from people in Kashmir than you think”.

Dr Abdullah said that some politicians in Pakistan or in India do not want to resolve the Kashmir issue, and that they want the instability and hatred to continue in the valley so that they could survive, news gathering agencies quoted him as having said.

“The vested interest is everywhere, be it some of the politicians, leaders or military establishment. Many are making money and unless we throw them out, the Kashmir issue would not be resolved,” the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir said.

Urging businesses to visit Kashmir and invest there, he said, “We are a muslim majority state but that doesn’t mean we are not Indians. We believe India belongs to all of us. You will find more love from people over there.”

“People often say is Kashmir safe to visit? I would ask them is New Delhi safe? Anything can happen to you when you go out even in New Delhi. You can be attacked or looted. But creating a notion that Kashmir is not safe for visiting is not correct,” Abdullah said.

Even today, there are temples and mosques everywhere in Kashmir, he said, adding that people happily live together and only some people with vested interests are creating problems.

“We are not Pakistanis, we want to live with Hindustanis with love. We left everyone for this nation at the time of partition but it is very unfortunate that some of them call us traitors,” the NC chief said.

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