Ashoke Pandit “Sad” after SC defers hearing of article 35 A case

Srinagar: Ashok Pandit, known for harboring anti-Kashmir views, was sad after learning that SC deferred the hearing of article 35 A case.

In response to an update about defferment of article 35 A, Pandit, who is a film-maker, wrote, “Sad”.

He did not stop there.

Apparently trying to calm himself, he  wrote another tweet that Supreme Court deciding to defer 35 A adjournment in January coincides with 19th Jan when he claimed that Pandits started their “exdous”.

“19th Jan is a very very important day for Kashmiri Pandits as it is on this date in 1990 Our Exodus began due to Genocide & ethnic cleanising. Probably SC knew this,” he tweeted.

Pandit is a strong advocate of removing article 35 A from the state- a position which he reiterates on TV day in and out. He is also of the view to handle Kashmir with iron hand so that resistance is crushed brutally.

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