Nothing can save 35-A legally, constitutionally: BJP

Nothing can save 35-A legally, constitutionally: BJP

Jammu:  Stressing that the political relationship of Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of India is set through ‘Instrument of Accession’ only, the state unit of BJP on Thursday said that Constitutionally and legally, nothing can save 35-A.

Without naming any Kashmir-centric political party, BJP Chief State Spokesperson Sunil Sethi, along with BJP State Press Secretary and State Media In-charge Dr Pardeep Mahotra attacked on ‘deliberate mis-campaign by disproportionally extra vocal entities’.

The NC’s allegation that the relation of state with the rest of India will be bothered, if 35-A ceases to exist and similar statements being issued by PDP and other Kashmir-based fringe groups like those of Hurriyat Conference are blatant lies, said Mr Sethi.

He stressed that only ‘Instrument of Accession’ defines political relationship of the state with the Nation.

‘Article 1 very clearly defines that J&K is just like any other state of India. Section 3 defines it as an integral part of India. J&K is an integral part of Nation and 35-A or 370 doesn’t define relationship of state with the Nation,’ Mr Sethi said.


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