Imran Khan to be given Minister’s Enclave as official residence

Islamabad:The Pakistani authorities concerned has decided to allot would-be Prime Minister Imran Khan a house in the Ministers’ Enclave as his official residence after he refused to take the Prime Minister’s House as his residence during his victory speech.

Mr Khan, in his victory speech on July 25, had declined to use Prime Minister’s House as his official residence.

Earlier, there was an option to declare Banigala residence as Imran Khan’s official residence but as the area was open and vulnerable to threat, the building cannot be provided with foolproof security, a Pakistan daily The Dawn said quoting police officials on Wednesday.

A few more options were also given to Mr Khan, including using an accommodation at the Ministers’ Enclave, which he accepted. However, he asked for a lowest category house at the enclave.

Police officials said there are flats which fall in the lowest category, but since necesary SOPs and protocol for prime minister could not be implemented there, the senior officers advised Mr Khan against using a flat, instead prefer a house to which Mr Khan agreed.

Soon after his victory, Mr Khan is getting VVIP protocol and security. Security has been strenghtened in and around his Banigala residence. Traffic police were also deployed around his Banigala residence and the road leading to it. The Rangers were also detailed on the nearby mountains.


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