Naeem Akhtar is defnition of irony: Imran Reza Ansari

Srinagar: Taking a pot shot at his colleague and former minister, PDP leader Imran Reza Ansari has said that Naeem Akhtar was new definition of irony.

Former Minister for works, Nayeem Akhtar

“New definition of irony: when @shangpal Naeem Akhtar a nominated legislator,  who has never contested elections, announces PDPs eagerness  for fresh polls in the state! That sums up the sublime and the ridiculous in @jkpdp today,” Ansari tweeted.

Ansari spoke a day after he said it is better to leave PDP before things will fall on them.

“What will we do in the party? Few people have hijacked the party. Though I was a minister, I have been conveying to them that we feel chocked”, he said.

“If there is any party in which there is no family raj and is led by a brave leader, I will certainly consider joining it. For the sake of people if I need to change 50 parties I will do it”.

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