11 dead bodies found from a house in Delhi’s Burari area

New Delhi : In a shocking case, 11 bodies were recovered from a house in Burari area of New Delhi on early Sunday morning, India Today reported

The bodies include seven women and four men. They were all from the same family. All bodies were blindfolded and found hanging from a wire mesh, but some had their hands tied.

The family owned a grocery shop near the local gurdwara and also ran a furniture business.

The matter came to light when a neighbour spotted the hanging bodies early morning and informed the police.

Locals say the family closed their shop around 11:45 on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, when a neighbour went to the shop to buy milk, he found it was closed. Since the house was open, he went upstairs to call the owner and saw the 11 bodies hanging.

“He found the family members were hanging from a net used for ventilation. He then informed others and police were informed later on,” the police was quoted as saying.

The cops have also taken possession of CCTV footage from the area.

Relatives of the deceased are being called to get more information about the family.

The family had been living in the area for the past 20 years and hails from Rajasthan.

The house is in a double storey building and is located in street number 24, Sant Nagar, Burari.

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