Nicaragua protests: Death toll rises to 212, says fights body

Washington: The death toll in Nicaragua during two months of anti-government unrest has risen to 212, media reports said quoting Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

“Nicaragua has not fulfilled its international obligations to respect, protect and guarantee human rights in the context of the social protests that began on April 18,” the rights body said in its report after its visit to the Central American country.

The 97 page report suggests that the repression and criminalization of the demonstrators and the social movement has resulted in serious violations of human rights.

The Washington-based group said more than 1,300 people had been wounded in the unrest, reports said.

Nicaragua’s descent into chaos began when relatively small protests against now-scrapped social security reforms exploded into a popular uprising against Ortega, whose forces met demonstrators with a violent crackdown.

“State violence has been aimed at discouraging participation in demonstrations and quelling this expression of political dissent,” the reports which were presented during a special session of the Washington-based Permanent Council of the Organization of American States said.


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