JKLF says PDP suffering from desperation, spreading rumours about back channel diplomacy

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) has accused the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of suffering from “desperation” with the aim “to get credibility” by spreading rumours and unverified information about back channel diplomacy and dialogue with the resistance leadership.
Launching a scathing attack against the PDP, the JKLF chairman Yasin Malik said “PDP is India’s stooge” in Kashmir.
“This is nothing but a desperate attempt to gain some sort of credibility among Kashmiri masses and create doubts in hearts and minds of Kashmiri people,” Malik said.
JKLF strongly refuted and ridiculed the news being circulated by a section of Indian media about Malik’s alleged meeting with some PDP leaders.
The JKLF statement said that “PDP and its partner BJP have unleashed a reign of terror against Kashmiri people from last four years. PDP-led rule not only killed our hundreds of young men from last four years but have injured and blinded thousands, arrested thousands of young and old, looted households, vandalized hundreds of residential houses and, in fact, beaten all previous records of tyranny and oppression. Now as election year in India is fast approaching and as the policies of oppression, killings, blinding and looting have failed to suppress Kashmiri resistance, PDP in a bid to wash off its crimes and to go to people for their vote politics is trying desperately to play peace talks drama,” the statement said.
“As I have been on the forefront in exposing oppressive tactics of PDP and its allies and have many a time refused to meet Indian envoys, Delhi with its local stooges and biased media has started a malicious campaign against me,” it said.
“PDP wants to play their drama look like a sincere effort,” asserted JKLF chief. He said that after four years of oppression which has failed to suppress Kashmiris, India and its stooges are beating drums of talks to befool international community and the people of India also.
“How pity and funny is the matter that a year when election commission even stops development works as code of conduct, has been chosen to address Jammu Kashmir issue,” asked Yasin Malik.
He said that as he himself stood in the first row of resistance to defeat all Indian moves and hundreds of times rejected the offer of meetings and parleys, India through its local stooges and biased media is trying to run a slandering campaign to give legitimacy to their theater.
“People of Kashmir are mature enough to understand these Chanakiya tactics of Indian polity and hence these efforts will also fail,” said Malik.
Giving details of what happened at a local restaurant on 30th May 2018, JKLF chairman said that he “along with some of his friends went to a restaurant for Iftar where PDP leader Wahid Parra was already occupying a table with his people including two Srinagar-based journalists. Waheed Parra whom we take only as an asset of Indian establishment, on seeing me, tried to greet as a courtesy but even though I felt wrong as it was not good according to our Islamic tradition, I chose not to answer his Salaam even,” he said.
“This issue was twisted first by a blog and a Facebook post by some miscreants, but when the eye witnesseses refuted this claim, the Facebook account holder also apologized for the mistake. Now from last two days, first a news wire on Facebook called as “The Print” and today a local news channel Gulistan Tv have started running this fake and concocted news seemingly at the behest of their masters,” the JKLF chairman said, adding that he has decided to file a defamation case against both “The Print” owned by Shekar Gupta and Gulistan TV for running this malicious fake news.”
He further said that “Waheed Para or for that matter any other PDP Walla has no locus-standi to meet Yasin Malik or engage in any parleys with him. It is unthinkable for even ordinary resistance lover. If anyone proves that I have ever talked to Wahid Parra from the time when he was born, I will quit politics,” challenged Malik.
He said that India and its stooges including PDP should know that their frustrated efforts to malign the resistance leadership will not succeed.
“PDP and BJP alliance should know that their talk’s drama will yield them nothing and every tactic used by them to weaken or defeat Kashmiri resistance movement will also fail,” the statement said.

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