Toxic pickle seized by Police, Drugs & Food Control Organisation in Srinagar

On a complaint from the locals  of Dalal Mohalla Nawab Bazar Police Station Maharaj Gunj with the assistance of Drugs and Food Control Organisation Kashmir Tuesday seized a ton of stale pickle from a pickle manufacturing unit in Dalal Mohalla, a police statement said on Tuesday.

The unit is housed in a residential house and the owner had been manufacturing the pickle and would distribute it to the whole Srinagar city, police said.

Police said that  as per the experts of Drugs and Food Control Organisation the inmates of the house had been manufacturing the pickle using some toxic chemical substance resembling a white powder.

The substance makes the vegetables to pickle within 24 hours, they said.

Around a ton of such toxic pickle was seized by the organisation and some samples were kept for chemical analysis.

Cognizance under Food Safety and Standards Act has been taken in the matter by the Drugs and Food Control organisation

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