Silence of world bodies on Gaza issue “unfortunate”-JKSM


Reacting on the silence adopted by the United Nations over the brutal killings of Palestinian’s, Jammu and Kashmir Salvation Movement on Friday said “it is unfortunate that the world rights bodies and organizations has adopted the deaf dumb and  criminal silence  on the “war crimes” and over the “genocide” of Palestinian people.

The activists of JKSL on Friday staged a protest aginst the killings of the Palestinian’s by the hands of Israeli people.

Holding placards and banners the activists staged protest against Israeli Zionist army’s “open aggression” against unarmed people of Palestinians, in which at least 60 were killed and thousands were injured.

“While expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine protesters said” it was unfortunate that the world rights bodies and organizations have adopted the deaf dumb and criminal silence on the war crimes and over the genocide of Palestinian people,” it said.

They appealed to the world rights bodies and international community to play their role in getting justice for the people of Palestine.

It’s highly deplorable that the authorities under well planned conspiracy is restricting pro-freedom leaders peaceful political activities and choking political space despite of holy month of Ramadan,


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