Uri Residents Collude to Resist Opening of Wine Shop in Lagama area

Srinagar, May 04: Residents of the Lagama area of the frontier Uri in north Kashmir’s Baramulla district Thursday joined hands to protest against the establishment of a liquor shop on the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road.

A protester said, “On one hand, the government is attempting to eliminate the drug menace from society, while on the other hand, they are making the drugs easily accessible by opening a wine shop in the area.”

The protesters, who comprised of people from both Hindu and Muslim communities, stated that they do not want their children to become drug addicts, which is why they have come out on the streets.

Another protester mentioned that a mosque and a temple were situated right opposite to the proposed site of a liquor shop, which they said would hurt their religious sentiments.

The residents have expressed their dissatisfaction towards the response by the relevant authorities about the issue.

“We request the administration led by the Lieutenant Governor to personally intervene and prevent the concerned department from opening the shop in the area”, they said. gns

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