Off-road car parking charges are lower than street parking: CEO Srinagar Smart City

Srinagar, May 02: Chief Executive Officer, Srinagar Smart City Ltd., Athar Amir Khan, Tuesday said that off-road car parking charges will be lower than on-street car parking slots.

This initiative, he said is aimed at encouraging motorists to park their vehicles in full-fledged designated car parking slots rather than on the street, which causes congestion and hinders pedestrian movement.

CEO further said that the new parking charges will be available online, allowing motorists to check and see where their vehicle is parked. “This feature is expected to provide greater convenience to drivers and will help them avoid getting lost in large parking areas,” he added.

He also said that the new policy will also help reduce air pollution and enhance the quality of life in the city. “Off-road car parks are often situated in areas that are further away from the city center, encouraging motorists to take alternative modes of transportation such as public transit, cycling, or walking,” he said.

“This initiative will encourage people to make more sustainable choices when it comes to transportation,” said Khan. “By making off-road parking more cheapest, we’re promoting the use of public transit and other sustainable modes of transportation, which will help reduce congestion and improve air quality,” he added.

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