Nobody Can Break Our Unity: Farooq Abdullah At Panthers Party Rally

SRINAGAR: At a rally organised by the Panthers Party in Udhampur, National Conference president and former Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah on Thursday said that nobody can break their unity and they have decided that they will either safeguard the future of Jammu and Kashmir or will die in the struggle for safeguarding it.

Addressing a rally organised by the Panthers Party in Udhampur, Dr Farooq Abdullah hinted at a broader political alliance in Jammu and Kashmir Kashmir. “Nobody will break our unity whether he will drop from the sky or surface from the earth. We have decided that we will either safeguard its future or will die in that struggle,” he said.

The NC leader said that they have made a commitment that they will live and die for the people.

Asking people to strengthen the hands of Panthers Party president and former minister Harshdev Singh, Dr Farooq said that attempts were made in the past to break the Panthers Party. “These attempts are still on but you should stand up with Harshdev Singh and strengthen his hands,” he said.

The NC leader, who culminated his speech with slogans of Jai Hind, Jai Jammu, Jai Duggar, said that people shouldn’t desist from rendering sacrifices of their lives for restoring their dignity and forming their own government. “If you want to form your own government and restore your dignity, you shouldn’t desist from sacrificing your lives for that,” he said.  kno

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