KCCI Concerned Over Exorbitant Airfares Affecting Tourist Business

SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCC&I) has expressed concern over the exorbitant airfares that have been affecting the tourist business of Jammu & Kashmir and the travel movement of sick, aged, students, and businessmen.

The KCC&I has urged the Minister of Home Affairs, the Union Minister for Civil Aviation Government of India, and the Director General, Civil Aviation to take action and ensure the implementation of the recommendations made by the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism, and Culture.

The committee had taken stock of the situation emerging from the irrational mechanism adopted by some operators in league with some airlines manipulating the airfare. The KCC&I hailed the committee for making appropriate recommendations and observations to curb predatory pricing and prevent airlines from misleading passengers. The committee recommended the formulation of a pricing mechanism for airfares to ensure that passengers are not charged exorbitant prices.

The KCC&I has called for the immediate implementation of these recommendations in letter and spirit without any further delay. Additionally, the KCC&I has requested that airlines operate additional flights to meet the tourist rush for visiting the short-lived Tulip garden. This is also the time for the return of local citizens, students, and non-resident Kashmiris.

The KCC&I believes that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has a responsibility to the traveling public and the nation at large to ensure that predatory pricing mechanisms are not adopted by airlines under the guise of a free-market economy. The KCC&I hopes that the recommendations made by the committee will be implemented soon to ensure the growth of the tourism industry and the convenience of travelers in Jammu & Kashmir.


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