Remove Illegal Encroachments Along Dhood Ganga Nallah Within A Week: SMC

SRINAGAR: The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Saturday warned people to remove the illegal structures built over the Dhood Ganga Nallah.

In a notice, Srinagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner Athar Aamir Khan said that Dhood Ganga Nallah from Alochi Bagh to Chatabal is an important channel for the management of storm water and for preventing of urban flooding in the Srinagar City.

“Whereas, it has been found that a number of encroachments and illegal structures have come up on the site of Nallah; Whereas, removal of these encroachments and illegal structures and restoration of Nallah is important for flood and storm water management in the City,” reads the notice.

“Now, therefore, through this Public Notice, all such individuals/encroachers are given 07 days’ time from the issuance of this notice to remove all encroachments/illegal structures erected on and along the Nallah, failing which Srinagar Municipal Corporation shall initiate action including removal of these encroachments at the risk and cost of the offenders/encroachers,” reads the notice issued by Srinagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner Athar Aamir Khan.

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