Premature fall of apples in Kashmir, growers concerned

Srinagar, Jul 05: Amid spread of fungal disease alternaria and leaf blotch, apple orchards are hit by premature fall of the fruit.

Growers in Kashmir said that they are witnessing such fruit fall in the months of June and July for the first time.

They said that every morning they see dozens of apples on the ground in orchards.

Mohammad Yousuf, an apple grower from Shopian said that there was bumper crop in his orchards spread over 10 kanals but premature fruit fall is becoming cause of concern.

He said that if fruit fall continues with the same speed then there won’t be any apples left on trees till harvesting season.

Abdul Rashid, another grower from Budgam said that on a daily basis he sees spread in his orchards.

Experts attribute multiple reasons to the fruit fall including stress caused by incessant rains followed by heat. Also, they said spraying plant growth regulators besides improper irrigation and nutrient management are other possible reasons.kno

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