We aren’t ones who brought guns to Kashmir in 90s, changed colours with changing times: Omar

Srinagar, Jun 23: National Conference (NC) Vice President Omar Abdullah on Thursday said the party doesn’t look for solutions to the problems in Jammu and Kashmir outside the ambit of the country’s constitution.

He said this while addressing a one day block convention of Amira Kadal Block at Sanat Nagar. The convention was convened by party provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani.

On the current political situation in J&K, Omar said, “Those who are finding faults with whatever PAGD do, should answer why they joined the platform in the first place. They should answer why they joined hands with NC during DDC elections. Why is that the NC and PAGD were holier for them then? The questions merit answers from them? Every time they are the ones who question, now it is the time for them to answer.”

Lamenting the opportunistic politics of political opponents, Omar said that NC’s position with regards to Jammu and Kashmir hasn’t witnessed any change. He maintained that the party looks for the issues concerning J&K within the ambit of Indian Constitution and that none of what NC is seeking out stretches its confines.

“We aren’t the ones who brought guns to Kashmir in the 90s and changed colours with changed times and joined mainstream. We haven’t based our relation with people on lies and deceit. We have always held that whatever country’s constitution gives us, we will have it. They have to answer for their rowing disposition, not us, we never tricked youth to pick guns. We didn’t use people as cannon fodder to axe our grind. Those who did should answer,” he added.

Taking strong exception to pulling down of the NC flags by administration, he rued why the political space was being denied to the party. “During our time many parties popped up. We didn’t impede the process. In recent times many of my closest colleagues parted their ways with our party. I let them go. If pulling down buntings, flags and boards of our party would wish us off, then we had been cast off much before,” he said.

Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani while thanking the participants asked the party cadre to ensure that party programmes and policies reach to every section of the society. “It’s our unity that frets our opposition. We are facing challenging times and these are the times where we have to ensure that no one takes Kashmir and its people for granted,” he said.

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