COVID-19: Third wave ebbs, likely to be over in next two weeks, say experts

Srinagar, Feb 08: As Covid-19 cases are on decline in J&K, experts believe that this wave is going to end in the next two weeks and Covid is likely to become endemic.

Experts said that the infection in the community is declining day by day as earlier J&K was reporting cases in thousands but now it has again declined and cases are coming in hundreds.

Dr Nisar Ul Hassan, President of  Doctors Association of Kashmir said that given the Infectious nature of the Omicron, it is unlikely that any other variant more infectious than this variant is going to come and the Covid has settled here.

He said that in the next two weeks or by the end of this month, the wave will be over and Covid will enter the endemic zone from the pandemic.

He said that small waves can come in future too but that can trigger a seasonal flu without much disruption in routine life.

Other experts said that hospitalization in the third wave was very less as compared to the second wave and the third wave erupted in just a few days, reached a peak and started to decline in just one month.

They said most of the population is now vaccinated and the maximum population has already developed antibodies due to which it is unlikely that a person can get a severe disease even if they contract a virus.

“In next two weeks, third wave will be over and it is unlikely that Covid can trigger any other wave now because of immunity in maximum people and vaccination,” they said. kno

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