‘We want voice of Jammu division to be strengthened, Jammu should get its rights” BJP’s Rana

JAMMU JANUARY 27: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today decried the attempts of a few politicians of Kashmir in vitiating the atmosphere and trying to divide the people, saying they will not be allowed to succeed in their machinations.

“Some politicians from Kashmir frequently visit Jammu and try to create a wedge between various segments of the society”, Rana said while addressing a congregation at Barn in Tehsil Bhalwal of the Jammu district, organized by Baba Chanchal Singh.

He said that such politicians who come to Jammu from the Valley and try to divide people here, will not succeed in destroying this pluralistic region in the way they destroyed Kashmir.

The people of Jammu live in peace and will continue to live in communal harmony and brotherhood, he added.

Rana, who was a long time member of NC before joining the BJP, said coexistence is Jammu’s DNA and those trying to pollute it know well that the people of this region, irrespective of caste and religion, cannot be dissuaded from their chosen path by any incitement or provocation. The divisive leaders are making highly inflammatory statements during their picnic to this region and leave with sowing the seeds of hatred. He wondered how these leaders who were swearing by Jammu’s secular ethos and hospitality since years, but now see everything in danger.

“There is no danger or threat to any religious or ethnic group in Jammu”,  Rana declared while recalling the BJP’s solemn pledge about ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’, saying if there is any danger to anyone, it is those myopic political leaders who sustain on division in the society. By creating fear psychosis, these leaders are actually harming the interest of the people they pretend to be the Messiahs of, he added.

Batting strongly for an elected government in Jammu and Kashmir,  Rana said that bureaucratic governance cannot be a replacement to a political government.

Bureaucratic governance is no replacement for a political government, he said.

“Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha is a veteran politician. He has been MP six times and also been minister. He has a lot of experience in governance. The administration is being run in a good way,” he said.

“The bureaucracy in Jammu and Kashmir is efficient. They are hardworking people. We are proud of the bureaucracy and police in Jammu and Kashmir,” Rana said.

Stressing the need for an elected government, he said people have easy reach to elected representatives and elected representatives also have a responsibility towards the people.

“The elected representatives serve as a bridge,” the BJP leader said.

Rana said that leaders of different political parties should play their roles and become bridges between the people and the administration to resolve problems.

“They should listen to the voice of the people. They should take up issues raised by the people with the government and find their resolution,” he said.

“We want the voice of Jammu division to be strengthened and Jammu should get its rights. We will continue to fight for our rights. There will be no compromise,” the BJP leader said.

“We have to carve out a better Jammu for inclusive Jammu and Kashmir, which will eventually make our great nation strong and vibrant”, he said adding that the land of broad minded people has all along played crucial role as a unifier and shown political will in maintaining high traditions of amity and brotherhood, even during most testing times.

He said Jammu interest cannot be compromised and strongly pleaded for a level playing field in respect of opportunities in governance besides resources, saying nobody should nurture a feeling, even remotely, of deprivation, exploitation or discrimination.

“History will judge us by our actions and not just by assertions”, Rana said and exuded confidence that the people in large will appreciate the importance of coming together for harmonious growth of all the regions with appeasement to none.


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