Good Governance in J&K confined to papers only: NC 


Srinagar, January 22: National Conference (NC) on Saturday termed the release of ‘Good Governance Index’ for 20 J&K districts as part of governments’ efforts to hide its failures on creation of employment opportunities and bridging development deficit in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Saying that ‘good governance’ in J&K is confined to papers only, party spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said the ground situation belies all the claims of administration. “All that is being claimed by the government in terms of transforming the region in terms of development, infrastructure augmentation and employment generation is nowhere to be seen by the people of Jammu and Kashmir to this day,” he said.

Pointing to the extensive window dressing by the J & K administration to hide its failures, Imran said people are suffering on different counts ranging from inflation, development deficit, rising unemployment and administrative inertia. “Much touted 84,000 jobs for youth, infrastructure augmentation, incentivizing entrepreneurship, a comprehensive package for our tourism, horticulture, and handicraft sectors continues to remain a far-fetched dream,” he added.

Bureaucratic rule, Imran contended, has obstructed the development prospectus in the entire region. “Bureaucrats not being  subjected to any kind of accountability, seem to care little about the issues concerning people in general,” he said.

He stated that the unrelated bureaucracy looks without seeing, listens without hearing and proclaims decisions, changing people’s lives without taking cognizance of the wishes and aspirations of the people. “The failure to give impetus to the infra-projects, ineptitude to cope up with the aftermaths of the rampaging two successive lock downs post August 5, 2019 has badly exposed the failures of those managing J&K. We only saw officials change their stripes and do photo-ops. The over centralization in Jammu and Kashmir is pushing one size for all kinds of measures with no consideration for people’s aspirations and demands,” he added.

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