JKCSF concerned over ‘secret design’ to change demography of J&K

Srinagar, Dec 29 : Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has expressed concern over what it called a ‘secret design’ to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.  

According to a statement,  Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum, while reacting to recent Real Estate Summit held in Jammu, said that it was indeed a chronology of events to change the demography of the state which not only will affect and endanger the livelihood of farmers but will have far reaching impact on the socio-political domain of Jammu and Kashmir.

JKCSF chairman, Abdul Qayoom Wani said that the Real Estate Summit was held to sell the lands of Jammu and Kashmir to outside investors.

He said that for businessmen and industrialists there have been provisions of land-lease already in vogue. “Jammu and Kashmir lands are exceptionally essential, soil-special for fruits, flowers and agronomic and deserve to be preserved and reserved for the people of Jammu and Kashmir exclusively,” the statement reads.

It reads that JKCSF vehemently opposes any move to, use, sell and donate the lands of Jammu and Kashmir under any title to any individual or company or a corporation.

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