Ahead of Diwali, Govt bans sale and use of firecrackers containing harmful chemicals in J&K

Srinagar, Nov 02: Ahead of Diwali, the Jammu and Kashmir government on Tuesday banned sale and use of firecrackers containing harmful chemicals in the Union Territory.

According to a public notice issued by Jammu and Kashmir State Emergency Operation Centre (JKSEOC), only “green-crackers” (eco-friendly) are permitted for sale and use.

“Deepawali or Diwali is a festival of joy and happiness. People light candles and sometimes burst crackers on the occasion. While using crackers it is necessary to adhere to the Supreme Court of India order dated 29.10.2021 in IA no. 44727/2021 in WP (C) No. 728/2015 and National Green Tribunal order dated 9.11.2020 in OA No: 249/2020 and Govt. Order No: 89 JK (DMRRR) of 2020 dated 10.11.2020 regarding enforcement on manufacturing, sale and use of banned firecrackers and adherence to timing for bursting of permitted and green crackers,” it reads.

Only “green-crackers” (eco-friendly) are permitted for sale and use, the public notice reads, adding that bursting of these green crackers is allowed during festivals from 8pm to 10pm

“Fire crackers containing harmful chemicals like Barium salts, Lithium, Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony etc, are strictly banned in entire J&K,” it said.

According to the notice, the people have been advised to keep fire safety in mind, asking them to follow all safety precautions while using fireworks.

“Use open spaces like playgrounds and fields for fire cracking. Don’t burn crackers in a crowded or congested place or inside the house. Keep buckets of water and blankets available, in case fire breaks out. Wear thick cotton clothes while bursting crackers. Avoid long loose clothes, as they catch fire very fast. Practice DROP and ROLL method, if your clothes catch fire. Use fire extinguishers in case of a fire accident or call 101. Keep an eye on your children and don’t let them burst crackers on their own and never leave a lit match, Agarbatti near unused crackers,” it said. kno

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