Under BJP Govt, restoration of statehood an uphill task: Congress Prez Mir

Machil, Sep 30: Stating that the restoration of Article 370 and 35A is an uphill task under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, the Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief Thursday said that they will give the region something bigger and mega than the special status.

This was stated by Ghulam Ahmad Mir, the J&K Congress party chief during his two-day visit to the remote Machil sector.

Mir arrived in Kupwara on Thursday afternoon and addressed a workers convention at Duddi village in the border Machil sector.

Addressing the workers at the Duddi, Mir said that the central government led by the BJP party is working on the ideology of RSS which is splitting the country.

“The same is being done in the Jammu and Kashmir as was evident on August 05, 2019, when the erstwhile state 9f Jammu and Kashmir was bifurcated into separate UT’s,” Mir said.

Mir while recalling his tenure as the Tourism Minister said that during his visit abroad people would identify India with the name of J&K only and the RSS felt a sort of threat from this identity.

“The BJP scrapped the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and unless Modi and Shah are in power at the center till then it’s an uphill task to even restore the statehood to the region which they have promised at the floor of the parliament,” Mir said.

Mir said that the two years have gone past but so far no elections have been held nor the process required has been initiated.

“Instead the UT has been handed over to the agencies and the officials who do not even listen to people nor their grievances,” he said.

“All that which the elected government is capable of, cannot be done by the officials and the central government must conduct the elections very soon for the benefit of the people”, he said. “BJP won’t get more than 10 seats in J&K if electrons are conducted and that is why they are afraid of it and people are well aware of their choices now.”

Mir said that people do not need to pick guns and stones, rather the Congress will fight democratically and make the BJP go away.

Mir assured that all the amendments and laws introduced by the government since August 05 will be reversed if the Congress party is voted to power and all this will be done on the first day of taking over.

About the elections in the region, the party chief said that the BJP broke the elected government, assembly and divided the erstwhile state into separate UT’s in 2019 and since then all the laws, provisions, and changes made are anti-people since they were not implemented democratically.

“Unilateral decisions are made from the office of Amit Shah and forcefully implemented in Jammu and Kashmir and they won’t conduct elections unless they don’t see their party voted to power”, he said. “Individuals have moved to the Supreme Court against the August 05, 2019, decision and it’s their party’s lawyer representing them.”

“It is the Congress party that gave the special status and protection for the past 70 years but it was taken away by those who were waiting for a chance”, Mir said. “Congress party’s working committee has decided to fight for the restoration of Article 370 and 35A and statehood for the region.”

“We will give something bigger than Article 370 once the congress party is voted to power”, Mir assured.

About the February ceasefire pact between the two armies of India and Pakistan, Mir while referring to Vajpayee said that friends can be changed not the neighbors and it is important to have cordial relations with neighbors and it can be developed with a proper dialogue.

Regarding the visit of the Union Minister to Jammu and Kashmir, Mir said that this is nothing more than a waste of public money.

“Rs 450 crore is being spent on 70 Union Ministers for 90 days by the J&K government. They should have spent the same for development purposes like constructing tunnels”, Mir said.

Mir also said that the visit of Ministers is only aimed at showing the world that everything is fine in the region while it’s the complete opposite

He further said that the BJP is working on RSS ideology and is hellbent to destroy Jammu and Kashmir.

“That is why they are implementing new orders on the government employees, be it the casual laborers and the Aasha workers who have been disengaged by them,” Mir said. kno

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