Corona curfew in Srinagar areas for 10 days

SRINAGAR – District administration Srinagar has ordered strict corona curfew in some areas of the city for the period of 10 days starting today.

As per an order issued by district magistrate Srinagar Dr. Aijaz Asad, there shall be strict Corona Curfew in the areas of Zadibal (SMC) Ward No’s: 55-Hawal, 56-Alamgari Bazar, & 63-Kathi Darwaz) and Lal Bazar (SMC Ward No’s: 59-Lalbazar, 60-Botshah Mohalla, 61-Umer Colony) for a period of 10 days starting from today.

(A) Permissible Activities:

i. All essential services including all incidental services and activities needed for smooth functioning of these activities shall be allowed to continue, both in the public and private sector. Standalone grocery/ vegetable/ meat/ milk shops may also remain open and functional to ensure provisioning of essential supplies from 7:00Am to 11:00AM only.

ii. There will be no hindrance to the smooth movement of goods and essential supplies.

iii. There shall be no restriction on the movement of Government Officials for attending office/ duties, on production of 1-Cards/ Official Onders.

iv. All development/ construction works shall be allowed to continue without any hindrance.

v. The vaccination drive shall not be halted. Localized mobile teams shall be constituted to

provide vaccination in colonies, residential areas and containment zones.

(B) Non-Permissible/ Restricted Activities:

i. There shall be a 24 hour complete ‘Corona’ curfew with no movement of people except for permissible activities only, as mentioned above.

ii. All Educational institutions shall remain closed.

iii. All Shopping Complexes, Bazaars, Saloons, Barber Shops, Cinema Halls, Restaurants, Sport Complexes, Gyms, Spas, Swimming Pools, Parks, Zoos, etc, shall remain closed.

iv. No social gatherings/functions whether indoors or outdoors shall be allowed. The permitted ceiling for marriage shall be restricted to 20 persons only. The gathering at funerals shall be limited to 10 persons only.

v. There will be no ingress and egress of the public permitted in these areas except in case of Medical exigencies. knt

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