On return from New Delhi, KDA, Apex body to hold talks to form a joint strategy

Kargil, Jun 26: The leadership of the twin districts of the Ladakh region including Leh and Kargil will hold talks between the two groups to chalk out a joint strategy soon after the return of the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) from New Delhi.

The leadership of the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) is scheduled to meet the MoS Home GK Reddy in New Delhi on July 01.

A team of 11 members including the CEC Kargil, two Co-Chairperson of KDA, and other members will leave for Delhi on 29 June as intimated by the leaders of the group.

Wishing anonymity, the leaders of KDA said that the two groups including the Apex Body Leh and Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA) are scheduled to hold talks related to the demands raised by the leadership of two districts soon after the return of KDA from New Delhi.

They said that the talks between the two groups are aimed to chalk out a joint strategy and come to a particular conclusion of demands for the good of the region.

A senior political leader and the associate of KDA said that even the Apex Body is of the view that the ultimate demand is a full-fledged statehood with the legislature so that the powers lie with the elected government of the people.

“The meeting is solely aimed to deliberate on the statehood demand since if anything like state subject can give protection to the region is only after it becomes a state, not the 6th schedule and anything else”, he said requesting not to be named.

He informed that both the groups have already entered into talks to decide about the meeting soon after the KDA leadership returns from New Delhi adding “It is believed that the Apex Body may also agree on the demand of full-fledged statehood.”

To a question, if the Apex Body doesn’t agree to the statehood demand he said that the “They have changed their stance from 6th schedule to UT with Legislature and in the recent media interactions they’ve categorically maintained that the ultimate aim is statehood.”

After the expected outcome of the meeting “We are jointly going to fight for the statehood of Ladakh.”

He also said that as of now no specific date has fixed for the meeting but it will take place immediately after the return of KDA from New Delhi. kno

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