Covid19 situation worsening: Almost 100 per cent occupancy of beds, ICUs in Srinagar hospitals

Srinagar, May 04 : Amid spike in the COVID-19 cases, the ICUs and beds in Srinagar’s major hospitals are fully occupied with Medical Superintendents of these hospitals stating that the situation at their respective hospitals are quite challenging at present.

However, authorities at a few hospitals here have also written to the concerned top officials, seeking more beds and ventilators amid the huge patient input at their hospitals.

Medical Superintendent at JVC Hospital, Dr Shifa Deva said that the situation at the hospital is very challenging.

Stressing that the patient input was  very high, Dr Deva said that “we are facing difficulties in suiting the input with our infrastructure and logistics. We are trying to cope up.”

She added that the patient inflow is creating confusion, adding that it would take some time to tackle the situation.

“The main reason behind such a situation is that patients are reporting very late to the hospital till then their oxygen saturation is very low,” she said.

She also said that they have written to the government about requirements to enhance the infra at the hospital.

Head of Chest Disease hospital, Dr Naveed Nazir said that at present, ICUs as well as the beds are fully occupied at the hospital. He added that there are 70 ventilators at the hospital and all are occupied.

“As the situation is worsening, the people need to take proper care and follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in letter and spirit,” he said, adding that the people should also get vaccinated. “I appeal to the youth not to believe in hearsays and get vaccinated,” he said.

Medical Superintendent SKIMS, Dr Farooq Jan told KNO that so far the situation at SKIMS is under control, but there is a need to keep the things under control in the society. “Any health structure can fall short if the cases start rising within the society. Thus, the society has the responsibility to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines in letter and spirit. The situation in Delhi is an example as it has much more medical facilities than J&K,” he said.

He appealed to people to adhere to the guidelines and avoid gatherings, follow SOPs, saying that the things are in the hands of the people. “The situation is under control, but it is worsening with each passing day,” he said, adding that the people must consult the doctors at appropriate time for the treatment.

“We have handled the situation so far and the health care is handling the prevalent situation as well with the active support of the people,” he said.

Medical Superintendent SMHS, Dr Nazir Choudhary said  that the patient has been increasing with each passing day and the situation with regard to the pandemic is worsening.

He added that the required medicines and oxygen is available at the hospital. kno

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