Both Houses of Parliament witness multiple adjournments amid uproar over fuel price hike

New Delhi: Both Houses of Parliament witness multiple adjournments amid uproar over fuel price hike, All India Radio (AIR) reported 

The Rajya Sabha has witnessed repeated adjournments on the first day today of the second phase of the Budget Session with the opposition Congress demanding a discussion on the hike in petroleum products.

The House faced four adjournments till it was adjourned finally for the day, the report said.

Leader of the Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge gave a notice for suspension of business in the House to discuss, what he called, a huge and frequent increase in prices of petrol, diesel and LPG even when global prices are ruling low.

According to the AIR report, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu disallowed his notice but suggested him to make a mention of the matter. But, however, he said the issue can be debated during the course of discussion on the Appropriation bill.

Describing the issue as a burning subject, Mr. Kharge said people are agitating in the country and they be given an opportunity to raise the issue in the house. Mr. Kharge insisted on his demand for a discussion, noting that the people are suffering. Following this Congress members raised uproar, the report said.

The Upper House was first adjourned for a few minutes after 10 am till 11 am and then again till 1 pm. Thereafter, it was adjourned in quick succession for 15 minutes each at 1 PM and then at 1.15 pm, till it was finally adjourned for the day.

The opposition members continued to raise slogans demanding a debate, with the Chair urging them to return to their seats and allow the House to function. He also asked the opposition members not to make fun of democracy and not use unparliamentary words.

Today being the International Women’s Day, the Chairman lauded the role of women and said it is time to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political contributions and achievements of women across the globe and honour their indomitable spirit, the AIR reported.

The Lok Sabha has been adjourned for the day following opposition uproar over the rise in prices of fuel and LPG cylinders. When the House met at 7 PM after second adjournment, members from Congress, TMC, DMK BSP, NCP and others again trooped into the well raising slogans against the government over the issue.

Amid noisy scene, the House took up discussion on the calling attention over the issue of women empowerment.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said the government is ready for a discussion on the women issue and the House should take it up.  As the ruckus continued, the House was adjourned till 7 PM. The Speaker also announced tomorrow onwards the House will commence its sitting from 11 AM.

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